When I first moved to Richmond, I was on the look out for ways to get involved in the campus community. I loved attending group exercise classes in undergrad, so I was happy to learn that VCU offered them too. While attending a class, I learned that RecWell was offering a course to learn how to be an instructor and I signed up. My group ex instructors always brightened my day and the classes provided an opportunty for me to destress. I was excited at the opportunity to be able to facilitate that for others.

After training, I started to teach Cardio Dance classes at the gym twice a week. I like that dance classes allow you to work out while having fun and not even realize an hour has passed. My heart is warmed any time one of my patrons says they look forward to coming to classes or that group exercise has motivated them to continue in their wellness journey. I also appreciate how teaching has given me an opportunity to build confidence and form connections with my attendees and colleagues.